4 Step Guide to End this year perfectly!

New year big bang parties, holidays, resolutions and a wonderful weather. Yes, the favorite time of the year is here! But before we move into a wonderful 2019, a perfect goodbye to this year is a must, isn’t it? And what else can be better than evaluating last-year-yourself and being thankful for a roller coaster ride this year has been? So here’s a list of topics you should definitely think about ( and I recommend write them down) for bidding farewell to this year


What did you learn this year?

Here is an example - I had a terrible fight with my parents this year, which had almost ruined our relationship. I had my excuses- that wasn’t the “real” me, I was too stressed, my health was not good – and the list goes on. But honestly, I know I could have done just a few things right to avoid the conflicts. And I’m probably going to stick to those “right stuff” all my life now – not just with my parents, but with everyone in my life.

So what were your major learnings in 2018? Try and include from every aspect, eg. personal, professional, spiritual, etc.


What did you achieve this year?

Hydrophobic but learned swimming? Got recognized for your efforts? Finally took a vacation you’ve always wanted to? Achievements are not just fancy awards and certificates! It’s about you pushing yourself to be better and achieving it.

Did you learn something new? Did you achieve something you had always tried to? Did you learn a new skill you’ve always wanted to? Write them down so that you’ve a list to cherish next year!


What happened to resolutions for 2018?

Honestly, I had a huge burden of previously failed resolutions last new year! So I have decided to analyze why I failed, rather than postponing them to 2019. Ask yourself why didn’t you get into shape even though it was a resolution? Why did you pick up a cigarette when you had decided you won’t? Probably you are prone to impulsive behavior, or maybe gym really bores you.

Pick out your tendencies that’s making you fail. Talk to people who can help and redesign your strategy to accommodate your weaknesses, while setting your new year resolutions!


Grateful? Who? What? Why?

What’s a goodbye without a thank you? I know this whole gratitude thing seems theoretical, but when you look back you’ll realize most of the perfect moments involved people who made it happen. Be thankful to your close ones for being there for you, people who supported you or even people who challenged you. Who are you grateful for and why?What are the things that you are grateful to have and why?


Hope you had an amazing time rummaging through your 2018 memories! Have a Happy New Year!

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