Addicted To Swipe

Right. Left. Left.  Right. Right.

A pic from Paris. Showing off?  With his dog? Too Mainstream! Oh wow! He cooks! Now that is a hot workout post. I love those biceps!

It is a mere break from office, or from studies or just a way to pass time while standing in a queue

It is the dopamine rush to be able to meet new people.

It is the excitement, which one awaits for the weekend.

It is the comfort of knowing people like you.

Or is it our raw hunger of power over people? Is it the mind game of who is going to text first? Is it the ego-stroking effect of likes and super likes? Is it the ability to immediately satiate oneself without the need of any real effort?

It’s not anyone’s fault and no one is to blame. It’s just how society has been shaping itself – fast, immediate, easy maybe even shallow? (Leaving it to my readers to decide). There was a time when impression management was an art, requiring patience and tact. Even now, such an art is necessary to be successful politician or a successful businessperson. For years, societies have looked down upon extreme display of raw emotions like ambition, power and lust, but now, boundaries have blurred. For years, we have believed (mostly true) that overnight success is a myth. That everything worthwhile takes its own time, requires persistence and patience. Though we cannot entirely deny this, but with the level of technology we have, we can definitely do much more in lesser time. We have started to believe that like social media, news and information, even success will be just a search away.

But most importantly, we have stopped to care. We don’t give much thought to the behavioral roots and repercussions of our swipes. We don’t give much thought about the people on the other end of the spectrum who might not have enough right swipes, or people who don’t even make themselves available on such platforms. We don’t care what a colleague might think of our profile, specially because “Even he/she’s on it” and “I’m just being myself”. We don’t think about not having the power of choice. We don’t think about long term, real relationships because “They are difficult”. We don’t understand that the superficial power play we fabricate is not the real “power” we should be seeking. We don’t even accept how beautifully crippled our egos are, built only from matches and likes!

Even now, I won’t say anyone’s to blame. Swipes have their own share of positives as well. It’s only that even after all the swiping, you won’t write “40 swipes” on your to-do list for tomorrow. You won’t deny that you were bothered when you found your client on it (and apparently they found you too). You won’t deny the urge to swipe every few hours just for “fun”, even though you might not talk to half of your matches. And probably when you’re 40 and your friends are all married and won’t party every day because they have a family, you will wonder what a life of swiping was all for.

Ask yourselves – are you really just looking for someone or has swiping become an addiction? Is it adding value to your personality or denting it? Is it helping you to find like-minded people or entangling you in web of options? Is it making you happier or more and more anxious and restless?

Don’t just settle for an excuse, look for a reason.

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