Coping with stress

I have had my time of terrible headaches and dizziness for many monotonous days, turning into sleepless nights with constant chaos in my mind. Stress is a very vulnerable state. It’s like being trapped inside something you know nothing about.  

I got many unique, strange and “magical” advices from all sorts of people to cope up. I was overwhelmed. Nothing really worked. Nothing made the stress go away. So I decided to make a list of my own – things to do to cut down stress.

My list here is not something out of the box, neither will something magical happen in a day or two. It probably won’t even weed out the stress. What I have written here are just some small things that can be done to get a break from the continuous stress buzz. And maybe, eventually figure out ways to completely suppress your stress.


De-clutter and organize your wardrobe, shelf, table, car – anything that you can put your hands on. Make a list of your redundant stuff and put them away. Organize what’s left according to usage 

and importance. Make your place neat and tidy ad make an effort once in a while to keep things in place!

Drive Slow

 Honking, speeding, swearing and maybe sometimes crashing – you’ll probably reach office sooner, but you’ll leave your mind with the obnoxious driver who refused to give you a pass. Rather, leave early, put on nice music, drive at a comfortably slow speed and reach your destination in a better state of mind! (Caution! This one will need practice and patience)


Nature Walks

Take few minutes off and put your phone and tablets away to walk outdoors. Prefer the time of the day you feel outdoors are better. Try avoiding traffic and perhaps put your headphones on.

Clean something  

Literally, anything. Your bathroom. Your veranda. The kitchen slab. It takes a lot of patience, skill and time to get things cleaned up and leaves you with a nice sense of accomplishment!

Sleep cozy  

You might not be the teddy hugger-sleeper, but believe me, a cozy, cushioned corner is the best place to have a good sleep. Feeling safe and comfortable are the necessities when to comes to falling asleep. Make sure you use nice pillows and soft sheets and blankets.

Use colors

Go and paint. Use colorful threads to design something on fabric. Open Paint on your laptop and draw anything. Doodle with color pencils. Colors are optimistic. The entire process of mixing and matching colors helps you to take some time off stress.



Yes, physically jump. At least move around. Take a walk. Go for a run. Go to washroom and jump like a kid going bananas. Physical movement helps cure depression. It switches your brain from brooding and stressing to monitoring motor movements.

About the author

Bhavini Jha

“Only if life could be coded, it would be decoded”.

Love to write, passionate about life.

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