Love, Locked-Up


Over the course of this long, exhausting and dull lock-down, I got a chance to observe how things are developing for each one of us - specially, how’s our dear cupid doing. Sure, lockdown could be a never ending romantic treat or It can easily become a jail for some couples! From app-addicted swipers now left to the mercies of texting, to being locked up with obnoxious in-laws, we’ve all got some tinge of lock-down taste in our romance plate. And here I am, intruding into random couples’ daily lives, trying to understand if lock-down is of any use to the cupid! So how is romance unfolding between the (lockdown) sheets?

Couple number 1 : “But I thought it would only be for a …couple of weeks!”

Love struck (hopefully), “honeymoon” phase couple, just found a wonderful place to spend all day (all days) together! Cheers to the happy weekends that just turned to days and nights and weeks. But wait, What? No housekeeper? No movies? No clubs? And… they will have to cook?? I’m pretty sure the matter got “serious” real soon!

Even with all the awkwardness of suddenly being involved in everything together, the best part of this relationship is the how the lockdown has given them chance and time to understand each other. We all are probably at our worst these days - grumpy, frustrated, bored, gaining weight and joining brows, and yet, this couple has the biggest advantage! Lockdown fast-forwarded this relationship few months (or years). What could have broken in few days, can now be a deeper and more compatible bound.

Couple #2 : “He’s just so lazy/She’s so controlling!”

These are the couples who have long been in relationship and it’s the first time they’re being “locked up” together for such a long time. They have known each other, and most importantly, they know they are good together – compatible, happy and in love. But lockdown has its own plan – test their resilience.

She might be too controlling. He might be too lazy. Regular house chores were definitely not what these guys were doing during the romantic long weekends! The overflow of office work into personal time is probably killing the relationship. If not, the lack of personal space definitely is.

But his pancakes are great, and her facemasks are working wonders for him. It’s good to hold hands in every small office break. It’s wonderful to be able to sit side by side and be occupied by their own work. It’s good to know that your partner’s around.

This couple’s lockdown will be a defining factor for their future – either they will be on the verge of breaking up or giving a nod of their future together.

Couple #3 “Salvaging the long distance”

Thankfully he came in just before lockdown was imposed! And thankfully (or forcefully) their flat mates have accepted the new guest in the house. Most of these brave-hearted lovers were back to their partners, surely fighting their way through the coronavirus laden transport to salvage their love.

Few days (or weeks) probably go great. It’s a respite from the distance. But will things change after few more days? Things surely start turning into routine. The dear and convenient “me-time” which filled up most of the time back at their places, is crammed now. Individual social lives have disappeared.

They have a life of party. Or the party has already ended.

Couple #4 “Locked Distance Relationship”

These love struck souls decided on living in different cities even during work-from-home days. Somehow, their space has been saved. Their regular routines have been saved.

But as the lockdown extends, the travel tickets are being cancelled.  Even the most stoic of them could not help but notice couples who made last minute travel plans to be together. Or the ones who stay together. Sure, desperation starts to creep in.

Of all the couples, these ones deserve the most respect. Whether as a result of bad decisions, laziness or workload, the ability to continue in different cities during tough times is what’s making their relationship stronger!

(Not)Couple #5 “What am I supposed to do now? Text??”

Having the most thriving dating life one, thanks to dating apps and meagre patience, these singletons are deprived of everything but virtual fun. And without the prospect of meeting anytime soon, the texts start to fade real soon. Their only hope is waiting for lockdown to end.

Sure, wait makes it more pleasurable!


Whichever one you are, you are never going to forget the person you’ve spend these days with. So make it count!

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