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5-Step New Year Resolution

Are you one of those people who would make a long, long list of resolutions, only to end up confused and frustrated? Or one of those who just don’t believe in making resolutions? And even if you set up a goal, probably you find it too hard to achieve? Well, whatever your clever strategy is, New Year always comes with a resolution (or at least a thought of it). Ever wondered what can a good resolve be? Here’s a 5-Step-Guide to set a perfect New Year resolve!

Do your research

Not all wild imaginations can turn into reality. Do some research on the time, effort, money, etc. that you will require to achieve your goals. It’s important to set achievable goals to keep on track without burning out. For example, if you want to quit smoking this year, read about people who quit, talk to people around you and make a note of how much time it took, what changes they went through and how they coped with the urges. Finalize your goal only when you’re ready to put in the time and effort it requires.

Mention details

Don’t write “I will lose weight this year”. Because, yes, you might just lose a few pounds in 12 months! I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have been your real objective. Instead, write “Weigh 140 pounds by August end”. This way, you’ll have your numbers written down and a clearly-defined goal to work for. Whatever your goal is, define an end goal and time for it. Include details like people, place, or whatever is relevant.

Use positive sentences

Do you remember as kids we would do everything that we weren’t supposed to? When mothers would order us not to open that drawer but it would become our top priority when home-alone. I guess none of us really grew up when it comes to doing things we are told not to! That’s why I always choose words like “Choose healthier eating options” over “Do not eat fried food!”. Somehow the first gives me some opportunity to indulge guilt-free, but the second one is a shrieking voice inside my head even if I look at a samosa!

Schedule and set milestones

So you decided to save XXX sum of money by July. January is gone. February is your birthday. March is your partner’s birthday. April, something else. And by July end, your XXX is X. Wouldn’t it be great if you had monthly goals set, accommodating all your costs? That’s why I recommend you schedule when and what you will achieve to reach your goal. Set milestones to measure progress instead of going berserk about terrible results. Use your research to chart out a timeline and carefully plan to track your progress. Don’t forget to keep some buffer for the uninvited!

Revisit your previous year’s resolutions

One of the reasons this step is necessary is to know the reasons you could or couldn’t stick to your last year goals. Is it peer pressure? Stress responses? Impulsive behavior? Note down what are your “weaknesses”. Find out ways you can avoid the triggers or suppress your reactions for your next year. Talk to your friends and family and have a support system in place.


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4 Step Guide to End 2018 perfectly!

New year big bang parties, holidays, resolutions and a wonderful weather. Yes, the favorite time of the year is here! But before we move into a wonderful 2019, a perfect goodbye to this year is a must, isn’t it? And what else can be better than evaluating last-year-yourself and being thankful for a roller coaster ride this year has been? So here’s a list of topics you should definitely think about ( and I recommend write them down) for bidding farewell to this year -

What did you learn this year?

Here is an example - I had a terrible fight with my parents this year, which had almost ruined our relationship. I had my excuses- that wasn’t the “real” me, I was too stressed, my health was not good – and the list goes on. But honestly, I know I could have done just a few things right to avoid the conflicts. And I’m probably going to stick to those “right stuff” all my life now – not just with my parents, but with everyone in my life.

So what were your major learnings in 2018? Try and include from every aspect, eg. personal, professional, spiritual, etc.

What did you achieve this year?

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Smart is the New Good

“Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except the ones that sang the best”.

I start my write-up with Henry van dyke’s quote. Philosophers have been thinking over and debating whether good is real good or not. Being good to others is far more complicated than being kind to them. What you think is good may not be the best thing for them. Being good to others is an easy way to define oneself and explore your life. What is your role in this world? Are you here for a bigger cause that you would have ever dreamed of? Just be an honest and kind person will suffice you the vagaries of the modern world. You will ace through your life and even feel good about it. But is it true in today’s world? Do you really expect others to be returning the same favor you did them? In order to be good, you will have to decode the meaning of goodness to yourself and others as well. This is the notion today. 

One should know where to draw the line. If you are too good to a stranger, you will be frowned at. If you are one point less you will be frowned at no matter what. Gone are those days when people took charity on a serious note and expected the least when the circumstances were reversed. We want the most from others, be it the extra oregano packet from the domino’s and will think thrice before offering the pizza to the hungry kids standing on the other side of the glass door. Life on earth has taken a series of turns. If you fell on the lucky side, you are well-versed with money and education. Others who did not are the unlucky ones. Is it then the responsibility of the lucky ones to revolutionize the world? To an extent the answer is a yes, and that revolution is the biggest charity which you can bring in. Help others keeping in mind that they are equivalent beings and deserve your charity and not your handouts. Such small acts of kindness will do wonders. If you are earning a handsome lump sum, it should not bother you if you devote a part of your income to feed the poor. Last week, I read a wonderful answer on quora of a man who used his first salary to treat the rag pickers kids at a McDonalds. I must say that the man was real smart with a golden heart. We are often advised to donate sweets to the temple or offer the same to the beggars sitting outside. But think outside the box just like that man did. 

Giving connects us to others, creating stronger bonds and relationships. And giving is not all about money; it can be of your time, ideas and energy. You must have heard that charity begins at home. Do not go around buying unnecessary gift items for your parents and siblings just because the quote says so. That would be a complete waste of money. Act smart and start by giving advice to your little brother when he needs some. Do not say no to your mother when she asks you to bring the veggies from the market. Make time for your familial breakfast, lunch or dinner. In my family, breakfast and dinner are private affairs of all the individuals. But when it comes to lunch, we eat together. You know that popular saying, the family that eats together stays together. The goodness shared is our food.

If you are still skeptical about the sharing business, the medical theories will open up your eyes. When we assist in any possible way, it activates the areas of the brain which are linked to pleasure, social connection and trust. It releases endorphins and boosts happiness, well-being and positivity. There you go; you can check it anytime on Google whenever you find yourself at loggerheads of helping a being or minding your own business. It is okay if things don’t work out the way you wanted them to be. It just points out to the fact that you need to reconsider your actions of goodwill and change them accordingly. It can work the next time. Do not beat around the bush of your acts of kindness. Do well by stealth but with a translucent veil. Accept it, everyone needs fame, be it the number of likes on your profile picture or the other picture you took sitting by the pariah dogs. Make sure you are not making a big deal of it. Showcase it to the extent it is well appreciated. If you overdo it, you will be disregarded as an illustrious person. Do not restrict your observational parameter. Live to learn continually about all the other ways to do well. Improve your understanding of what goodness is and how it is a tad different for others. Seek out a guide if you find difficult situations in your life. Learn good books and inculcate the teachings in your routine. Lastly, give a little, learn a little.



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