Strangely, the most common dreams these days are of grocery shopping at hyper mart and taking a flight home.

A year back (to say, even few months back), all of us would have found the idea of not moving out of our houses for straight two months bizarre and practically excruciating. These feelings haven’t changed much even now. I’m still waiting for the day things will be back to normal, assuming it will take more than a few months. This thought disheartens me, and I know it does the same to most of us. But we’re more dynamic than we thought we were. Few weeks after the dust had settled we have our stay-home routines, though not very satisfying, but still we follow it and have successfully kept ourselves from insanity. I would raise a glass for everyone who have stayed put. We’re stronger than we thought we were. ...Read more



Help! My thoughts will kill me!


“I can’t spend one single minute without looking at my mobile! I can’t just sit and do nothing, it’s too tough! My thoughts would kill me!”

I always wonder why anyone should be afraid of themselves. Why would anyone be scared to be left alone with their own thoughts? Why would someone prefer scrolling down social media instead of just staring at the sky? Why does the world come tumbling down every night when we are trying to sleep without nothing but thoughts?

Are our thoughts so ugly? Inhuman? Chaotic? Or is it just too honest for our liking? Perhaps they just bore.

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Stay home, stay sane (and safe)

It’s a fact now. We are all stuck at home (for good, stay home if you’re still roaming around outside). Bored, frustrated, angry, some hungry, addicted to IG and somehow trying to keep ourselves sane. Unless you’re a hard-core introvert or Sheldon Cooper himself, chances are, like me, you are craving for that night out at the club, adrenaline rush at the gym, fried crispy chicken wings and morning run.

After spending nearly one hour,each day, gazing out of my balcony like a prisoner at home, I made myself accept the fact that I need to do much more than feeling frustrated about it. So I have decided to share with you my plans (and maybe you can borrow from it)


It’s WhatsApp Round

 This one has been a ritual for me now. Every now and then, our group of friends on whatsapp have a riddle marathon,which generally lasts for about 5-6 days with real MONEY involved (generally losers pool). Try something like skill share over video/photos and have a judge...Read More


You're not in a productivity contest!

What happens when you see every plan disintegrate? When you look back at the last six months, you don't know how fast it went by, yet every day is a challenge. Some struggled without the job, some at the job. Some struggled to live with the families, some without them. And once the downward spiral starts, what happens when despair sets in?After denial of two months, anger for a month, sadness set in. Then it gets difficult to understand what we had been as a person and how not to let the situation get the better of us...Read more