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Don't take these Quotes too seriously

You can Quote me on this.While I am not generalising it for all quotes, but some famous quotes have basic flaws.I have personally been influenced by some of these quotes only to realise how contextual and superficial they are. We as flesh and blood are blessed with intelligence to take logic backed decisions. Before getting influenced by any quote blindly, we need to factor in its applicability and long term applications.  This article is the first in series of such quotes we should reconsider getting influenced by.

“An Eye for an Eye turns the whole World Blind"

This is a very famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi. This quote sends a very strong message about the relevance of Non Violent and Non Retaliative behaviour.  But this quote is not universally applicable .One should always be ready to take the “ ye for an eye" route if it is the last resort and when the stakes are about defending yourself, your loved ones or something you stand up for. The world around you has many sadistic people.You cannot turn a blind eye to people who will hurt your loved ones and you over and over again.You will then just be bullied and be an easy victim. Also some people don’t understand until they get it back. So be prepared to give an eye for an eye when it is the only option left. Else the only blind person around will be you.

“Do what you love and the money will follow”

This is like saying eat whatever you want and you would still lose weight. Firstly, anything you do should make economic logic and yield returns. You cannot sleep whole day because you love sleeping and have a successful life. What is bliss to you might become hell when it becomes your job.When It comes to business, it is “Do what it takes to be successful”. Let us say you want to lose weight, but you love to eat junk a lot. Believe me doing what you love will not take you there. It is about lifting weights, eating less and eating right that is going to take you there. It helps if you eventually love what you do but just doing what you love does not guarantee success. An entrepreneur might love to make new solutions, but she also need to do things she might not love such as marketing, hiring people, stakeholder management and other tasks necessary for survival of business.There will be lot of things you need to do in order to excel but you will not love doing them. 

Secondly, many people do not even know what their passion is. They keep changing their passion few years down the line. It is much better to have an awareness that we don’t know our passion than to have a erroneous confidence in False Passion. The World is full of unsuccesful businessman who secretly believe that they were meant to artists, writers or actors in movies. I believe it is more important to do something in which your strength lies and hone your skills and capabilities in that area(provided it makes economic logic) rather than blindly following the next temporary passion you might come up with.


"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.”

While this quote may signify the importance of Hard Work and Passion, this is not how superior performers work. Studies have shown that the most succesful people are both smart and hard working. They pick up the most critical tasks with the highest impact and put their heart, mind and soul into it. They do not sweat the small stuff. I believe that is how it should be. We have limited time and studies have also shown that we also have limited decision making capacity. So we should invest it wisely and not try and perfect every single aspect of our life. For Starters, there are some good tools such as Pareto 80/20 Principle and the Eisenhower Matrix that will help us find those acts that need our heart, mind and soul.


In the next article, I will take 3 more quotes and give reasons to why you should not be influenced by them blindly. 

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