Stay home, stay sane (and safe)

It’s a fact now. We are all stuck at home (for good, stay home if you’re still roaming around outside). Bored, frustrated, angry, some hungry, addicted to IG and somehow trying to keep ourselves sane. Unless you’re a hard-core introvert or Sheldon Cooper himself, chances are, like me, you are craving for that night out at the club, adrenaline rush at the gym, fried crispy chicken wings and morning run.

After spending nearly one hour,each day, gazing out of my balcony like a prisoner at home, I made myself accept the fact that I need to do much more than feeling frustrated about it. So I have decided to share with you my plans (and maybe you can borrow from it)


It’s WhatsApp Round!

 This one has been a ritual for me now. Every now and then, our group of friends on whatsapp have a riddle marathon,which generally lasts for about 5-6 days with real MONEY involved (generally losers pool). Try something like skill share over video/photos and have a judge nominated for a day. Or try having a quiz master and have a timed quiz round. Anything, as long as it involves fun!

Just Post It!

Cooking? Clicking selfies? Pampering yourself at home? Get online and post it. I have personally found this very, very interesting. The first part is the obvious prepping up for the post, and the second part is the long, anxious wait to see its popularity. Go on, post something new each day and gain your appropriate share of likes.

Hobby Side Up

With all this time, mind and energy - what will be better than creating something which will later be your “PANDEMIC ART from 2020”? Personally, I have taken to hand-painted book mark making and soon, card making. The art supply can be a big problem for some of you probably, but then, when will the days of “best out of waste” revive? (or maybe waste out of best, test your skills!)

Let’s have some coffee

Put on a video call with your friend or family. Make coffee together on call (or take our a beer can) and enjoy just as you would do! Gossip and bakar.

It’s the time to Disco!

Believe me, no one’s gonna stop you from putting up some music, making yourself some nice drinks and cooking good finger food. No one’s gonna stop you from monkey-dancing in your own house. So go on and try this Pandemic party by yourself and enjoy!

Date Night, let’s end with breakfast

Plan a proper date with your partner (strictly for partners who are at home with you, don’t call up your tinder-something home!). Light up the candles you forgot about. Setup a table beautifully and cook something date-like (just google date night recipes). Play nice romantic music and dress up like you would!

Revamp your cooking

Use all the ingredients that you’ve probably put in some container and forgot about. Use everything that’s in your fridge. It’s time to be creative and optimize your rations!

Will be back with some awesome ideas soon. Do let me know if you try some of them! (and share your ideas too!)


2 AM. Drunk. Called up your ex?

Accept it or not. We all have done it.

We’re drunk enough to be “out of senses” but yet, we know we are totally in our senses! So we pick up our phone – the number has been deleted long back, but our fingers, yes our fingers – they remember the number. Well if not, there’s t

And if it all goes well – Well, what exactly then? Patch up, chit chat, be friends? No, Not really. But the dial tone is already on. Read More 


Right. Left. Left.  Right. Right.

A pic from Paris. Showing off?  With his dog? Too Mainstream! Oh wow! He cooks! Now that is a hot workout post. I love those biceps!

It is a mere break from office, or from studies or just a way to pass time while standing in a queue

It is the dopamine rush to be able to meet new people.

It is the excitement, which one awaits for the weekend.

It is the comfort of knowing people like you.

Or is it our raw hunger of power over people? Is it the mind game of who is going to text first? Is it the ego-stroking effect of likes and super likes? Is it the ability to immediately satiate oneself without the need of any real effort?

It’s not anyone’s fault and no one is to blame.

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