5 Weird Ways To De-Stress


Yes, weird. Because it's unlikely that you'll come across them in any other stress relief lesson, or you may run a risk of being the "weirdo".

1. Do things real slowwwwwww

Walk slow. Talk slow. Eat slower. Shower really slow. Imagine yourself in a slow-motion movie. If you are able to do this, you’ll realize that it feels so hilarious that you’re not even going to think about anything else while carefully controlling your movements! You might even feel your patience being tested, but at the end of a 10 min walk instead of 4, you’ll be more relaxed. Don’t forget to slot about twice the regular time for the activity (and don’t get late for that date)!

2. Stop time optimization

I know many of us have our minds continuously calculating and planning our time commitments for the day. 10 minutes earlier here, 5 minutes for driving there, 7 minutes to stop and fuel, 10 minutes to talk on phone. Wait! That’s not how you live life! Try losing sense of time. Try setting an alarm for a cutoff point and enjoy the activity instead of regularly checking the clock. Try setting fewer goals for the day and more time per activity. While reducing stress, this will also allow your mind to put in some creativity to your work in the extra time!

3. Re-live your vacation, minus the expenses

Go take out your photo album from your favorite vacation. Head back in time and go through that wonderful vacation – when you boarded the flight, when you landed, your hotel, your stroll, your friends or family – did you smile? Did you hear the waves crashing? Did you feel the rain drops on your face? Occasionally, take a mental vacay like this. You will probably be planning your next vacation by now!

4. Take a “mawn vrat” (Wow of silence)

Oh yes, who in this very, very busy world has time to reply to every call, text, notification or even the person cribbing about the weather? Just go on a communication detox. Not just verbal, even textual. Just how we fill up on fats and toxins in our binge eating spree, we fill up a lot of clutter in our minds from all sorts of information. For some days, make it a point to reply only if necessary. Make minimal communication to your friends/colleague/family and enjoy the silence. Give a thought before you speak. Enjoy the laziness of not having to speak or text.

5. Put your phone inside the drawer/handbag/anywhere out of sight

Instead of on the table or in the pocket. It’s not a new knowledge that mobile phones are an addiction as well as a source of added social stress. I know, most of us can’t just go offline for even a few hours. But what we can do is keep it in a drawer instead of somewhere accessible. All we will do by this is stopping the involuntary compulsion of picking up the phone every time we get few seconds off  or every time it buzzes.


Try these out and do let me know how it felt!

Copy of Under Water Book cover  Baptism

Not many of us experienced adulthood with clear goals, set priorities and perfect values. Somewhere, someday, we were all lost. Weren’t we? Someday we had asked ourselves - where am I heading? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? Why am I even alive?
For some, the search ends up with perfect answers, but for some, it’s an endless toil, maybe even futile.
“Finding Myself” is neither an account of my search for meaning, nor is a book of ideal answers to your questions, it’s a tiny little guide book to help you find your own answers.
As you answer your way through this book's ten chapters, connecting with various aspects of your life, try to analyze your answers. Every chapter has a guided framework which should be used by you for analysis. The whole process sums up to answer one single question “Who Am I?”
It starts with guidelines to analyze your current situation, drawing a perspective for your life. Subsequently, you will be guided to delve deeper into your memories,understand people in your life and their influence by answering various questions and taking different tasks as mentioned in the chapters. Through various chapters, you will be able to understand various aspects like family, friends, success, failure and how they matter to the you. In the end, you will be ready with a definite direction you would want to go, clear about what you most want out of your life, how you want it, and most important of all, what defines you.


Diary : My Search for an Absolute.

Sometimes it would just feel insufficient, inadequate. As if there’s something missing and I am grappling in the dark. It’s like hallucinations. I see things that are not there – sometimes I can’t differentiate between reality and beliefs. But I can’t keep hurting myself from imaginations. And I know these are mere imaginations because they’ve happened before. .. Read more


2 AM. Drunk. Called up your ex?

Accept it or not. We all have done it.

We’re drunk enough to be “out of senses” but yet, we know we are totally in our senses! So we pick up our phone – the number has been deleted long back, but our fingers, yes our fingers – they remember the number. Well if not, there’s t

And if it all goes well – Well, what exactly then? Patch up, chit chat, be friends? No, Not really. But the dial tone is already on. Read More