What do you travel for?

Accept it or not.

You want to explore the world. You want to learn about the new cultures. You want to try new cuisines.

The reality: You want to tag the locations you’ve been to on your Instagram posts. You want to post pictures enjoying the “culture” because you want them all to know you care. You carefully place your food and debate over the angle of picture to make your food look heaven-like.

I have met travelers over my still short-lived travel life with a variety of agendas. Hideaway, romance, party, indulge – almost everything instagrammable. Ever asked yourself how would your holiday go if you couldn’t upload any pictures of it - in your whole life? You’re sitting on the edge of a wonderful cliff with beautiful blue lake beneath and an unmatched view of mountains dulling into hues of blue – and you can’t upload that?! You can’t share it with your “friends”?!

Not a great idea, right? It kind of takes away most of the charm from the act of travelling! (for some of us, the whole point of it).

But what would you have done if social media didn’t even exist? Click a few pics for your album or diary, sit there and look at the beauty, enjoy with your family or friends, actually taste your food and head back to your room with memories – not with pictures queued up for upload.

My idea of travelling is different (though it used to be similar). A place is not a goal – for you to achieve it and brag about it. It’s a PLACE. For you to be there. But why most of us still do not travel for travelling’s sake?

It’s just a habit - Most of us just act out of habit of posting everything on social media. The moment we see something that catches our eye – we make a story. The moment we finally reach our travel destination – we make a story (being very careful about tagging the place). And for some of us, we can’t even wait to reach the destination with stories of our boarding pass, flight wing, cab, and what not!

Try – Resist the urge to post stories while travelling. No one’s going to die if you don’t. Stop yourself from clicking literally everything around you. Click only what’s worth it. Click as if each click costed you a hundred bucks (remember old days of photo films?) Click for your memories, not for the world to know. Click for posts. Have well defined albums for a travel and post only select few pictures.

The overly Competitive – How can I go somewhere and not show it off to others? They gotta know that I am in such an awesome, swanky, (even difficult) place! Oh, they went to Thailand? I’m gonna post from Bali! It’s a never ending competition – them, you, then them again, you again. Ludwig, Clanderon , frame – what makes me look much better?

Try – Do you know your silence irritates your enemy the most? “Mystery man/woman” is not just a concept, it works good enough to keep you interesting. Try not posting. Try to think what can you learn from your trip that will give you an advantage over others. Spread your thoughts. Try micro blogs, blogs, try writing insightful captions from travel on your posts. Be better at travelling, not just clicking photos.

But it’s on my Checklist! – Now there’s this wonderful group of travelers. We make good travel wish-lists, properly plan our holidays, make sure we cover everything, kind of stay away from social media too – but all just to check it off. It’s another race, only that it’s with ourselves! We don’t open ourselves up while travelling, we don’t really learn new things and observe new things – because that’s not on the checklist right? It’s just the place- and once we are there, its already checked off !

Try – Include words like “indulge”, “learn”, “enjoy” in your checklist. This way, you got to check them off too! You could also try writing/recording your experience describing how you felt and what did you experience.

Happy Travelling !

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