You're not in a productivity contest!


What happens when you see every plan disintegrate? When you look back at the last six months, you don't know how fast it went by, yet every day is a challenge. Some struggled without the job, some at the job. Some struggled to live with the families, some without them. And once the downward spiral starts, what happens when despair sets in?
After denial of two months, anger for a month, sadness set in. Then it gets difficult to understand what we had been as a person and how not to let the situation get the better of us.

But have you looked around? Understood what you have under your control and what not?
Sometimes its someone in your life. I was having a conversation with a friend who told me about everything he's doing to keep busy, baking, hiking, exercising etc. No, he's not the example of productivity in the pandemic. But when you can't find a solution, look at someone for some inspiration. If not anything, it has resulted in a friendship I'm very grateful for. At that point, all I did was complain about everything wrong in my life. I had no control over my temper. But it occurred to me I may never get this time or this setting again. Sometimes I couldn't just find the motivation, so I would ask someone to accompany on the task. Sometimes, I would make the smallest of goals. Finish a book in a week, do a professional certification, bake the first cake of my life.

When we were out and about, we were mostly on our phones. Now, the same thing is not able to help us. Few things are clearer to me than ever, people are there, but maybe not be always. Relationships you counted upon will change. Things you love will change. A happy long stretch is a myth. Losing yourself is easy. And so I know, getting sad or depressed is not the issue. It's about identifying the triggers and learning what works for you. Keeping busy has helped me a lot. Celebrating small occasions at home has kept me busy. For the past week, I have been trying to redecorate my room. There has to be at least one thing to keep you interested.

The thing is all of our challenges are different but somewhere similar. all of the interests are different, but the search for feeling better is the same.
The news these days isn't helping either. But I feel that somewhere the pandemic has got the best of people. Overthinking or sadness will affect your actions. The way we interact with others, the way we do our jobs, the way we are taking care of ourselves. I felt the least I could do is help myself for the people around me. And i don't want to look back and say 'oh I couldn't do anything'. And not to be grim, we don't know what's coming next.

Maybe its the acceptance stage of grief, but love your life. At least try things you wanted to. Pick up some random shit. I failed terribly at baking muffins but turned out good at shaping my eyebrows. I take pictures of the crappiest dishes I prepare as if I am shooting a model. I may not become the flamenco dancer for impressing crowds, but I might just try.
Someone's daily routine helped me, and maybe this will help somehow.



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